'What Is Your Intention': BJP Chief JP Nadda Slams Rahul Gandhi, Says He Is Part Of 'Anti-Nationalist Toolkit'

BJP president JP Nadda demanded an apology from Rahul Gandhi on his remarks on Indian democracy in London.

Mar 17, 2023 - 13:57
'What Is Your Intention': BJP Chief JP Nadda Slams Rahul Gandhi, Says He Is Part Of 'Anti-Nationalist Toolkit'

BJP President JP Nadda, joining senior BJP leaders, took aim at Congress MP Rahul Gandhi over his contentious remarks during his UK trip. He accused Gandhi of "insulting" the country and the Parliament abroad. Nadda also said that Rahul has become a part of the "anti-nationalist toolkit", criticising him for remarks made by Gandhi about Indian democracy in London. "Congress is now part of anti-national activities...Rahul Gandhi has now become a permanent part of this anti-nationalist toolkit," he said in a statement.

"Rahul Gandhi, what is your intention when you demand the intervention of another country in the internal matters of India? At a time when India is becoming the 5th largest economy in the world and G20 meetings are being held here, Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil is insulting the nation and the Parliament," he said. 

Nadda further said, "Rahul Gandhi is also insulting the elected majority government and 130 crore Indians. What is this if not strengthening the traitors? Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil said that democracy has finished in India and Europe & US should intervene. What could be more shameful than this?"

For the past week, the ruling BJP and the Congress have been engaging in a war of words in Parliament over Gandhi's remarks on Indian democracy in London. The BJP alleged that Rahul Gandhi had defamed the country by making such remarks but the Congress has continued to defend the comments. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had indirectly snubbed Gandhi at an event in Karnataka wherein he called India the 'Mother of Democracy'. 

Union Minister Anurag Thakur also took several digs at the Congress MP and asked him to apologise to the Parliament.

Rahul Gandhi, in London, had alleged that there was an 'attack' on Indian democracy and claimed that Opposition MPs were often prevented from speaking in Parliament as their mics were turned off. 

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