‘Delhi ministers spreading lies…I will take you to court’: Swati Maliwal hits back at AAP

May 22, 2024 - 08:19
‘Delhi ministers spreading lies…I will take you to court’: Swati Maliwal hits back at AAP

Swati Maliwal, under fire from the Aam Aadmi Party that labelled her a ‘face and pawn of BJP conspiracy' over her allegations of assault against now arrested Bibhav Kumar, hit back at her own party on Monday.

“Since yesterday, Delhi's ministers have been spreading lies that an FIR for corruption has been filed against me, and that’s why I did all this at the behest of the BJP,” she wrote on X.

“This FIR was actually filed 8 years ago, in 2016, after which I was appointed twice more as the Chairperson of the Women’s Commission by both the CM and the LG. The case is completely fake, and the Honorable High Court has stayed it for 1.5 years, acknowledging that there was no exchange of money.”

She added that until her complaint against Bibhav Kumar, leaders of the AAP used to address her as “Lady Singham” but now have been calling her as a "BJP agent".

“An entire troll army has been unleashed against me just because I spoke the truth. They are calling all party members, asking if they have any personal videos of Swati, so they can leak them,” she claimed.

She alleged that leaders of the AAP are endangering the lives of her relatives by tweeting details of their vehicle numbers.

“Well, lies don’t last long. But in the obsession of humiliating someone in the intoxication of power, don’t let it be that when the truth comes out, you can’t even face your families,” she said. “I will take you to court for every lie you spread!”

Maliwal, in her complaint to the police, has alleged that Bibhav Kumar “slapped” her “at least seven to eight times” without any provocation and “brutally dragged” her while “kicking” her, forcing her to fall and hit her head on a table at the CM’s residence on May 13.

Kumar has filed a counter, accusing Maliwal of forcefully entering the CM’s premises and using abusive language. He is under police custody till May 23.

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